Lincoln Cathedral Times

Art Direction

The Brief

Lincoln Cathedral is truly one of the most precious pieces of architecture in Britain, and we were tasked with re-designing and re-positioning the Cathedral Times; Lincoln Cathedral’s flagship printed product. The Cathedral Times outlines what is taking place in and around the Cathedral for the coming weeks and months and we were extremely proud and hugely honoured to be involved at such an early stage on a project of this scale.

The Method

This project carries huge value to the Cathedral in terms of both outreach and sentimental value so from the outset we identified some really key areas to focus on from concept to completion.


We identified from a very early stage in the process that this product needed to be driven by the content. We aimed to craft a piece that encouraged users to engage with it, pick it up and fundamentally be encouraged to read it.


With the scale of this re-design being so vast we spent a long time developing comprehensive style guides to ensure that this piece carried significant visual progression for Lincoln Cathedral in the sphere of editorial design, and for their brand as a whole.


The Cathedral Times is deployed all over the country and read by thousands so we needed to ensure that the art direction of this piece appealed to multiple demographics and age brackets.

The Process

We initially started crafting a flexible grid system for this piece. Ensuring that every spread of content was beautifully consistent in look and feel. We then moved on to populating the piece with content, making sure that the imagery and the copy worked seamlessly together, encouraging users to engage tangibly with the product instead of just looking at it.

By working in close relationship with the team at Lincoln Cathedral we started quickly honing in on a piece that perfectly aligned with where they were at currently and where they aim to be in the coming months and years.


We are hugely proud of what we’ve crafted for Lincoln Cathedral and we were so honoured to have been involved from concept to completion on a project of this stature. Visual progression was fundamentally and unapologetically at the heart of this project, this piece aimed to be a distinct ‘line in the sand’ for Lincoln Cathedral and its visual output. We couldn’t be prouder of the end result.