Brand Identity

The Brief

We were approached by the directors of Zest to craft a new brand identity. Zest pride themselves on providing eye-opening theatre for young audiences, and we were tasked with creating a brand that mirrors that core value.

The Method

When we started the discussion of rebranding Zest, we identified some key areas to focus on. Fundamentally this brand had to stand out in an immensely diverse market. It had to resonate with multiple and contrasting demographics, it needed to be young and approachable for teenagers, whilst it also had to really appeal to big corporate investors. We relished the opportunity and we zeroed in on some areas that needed to be explored for the brand to fulfil potential.


The way that Zest craft their shows is through collaboration with real people. This approach is unorthodox on the arts scene. Most of the time artists create the things that press their own buttons and don’t think about the audience. This makes the arts feel exclusive and pretentious. Whereas Zest is all about the audience, its responsive, warm and welcoming, and the brand had to represent that.


Not only do Zest put the audience at the epicentre of the creative process, but Zest also puts them right in the middle of the show. Zest pride themselves on providing experiences, rather than simply providing shows or performances, so we needed to provide the same. We needed to craft a brand that users experience rather than just look at and appreciate.


This is the first rebrand that Zest have undertaken and it will need to be fit for purpose for years and years to come. So we acknowledged that this brand needed to be beautiful in the here and in the now. But it also really needed to be able to stand the test of time.

The Process

To start with we provided a moodboard to visualise potential direction. We identified that, as Zest primarily target users through social media channels we needed to craft a really strong logo mark that, when seen in isolation or as a supporting asset on other brand collateral was instantly recognisable. A strong ident coupled with dynamic uses of colour and pattern were the building blocks for this brand and its visual direction.


We really proud of the end result that we’ve created for Zest. The new brand identity is a huge step for this company and we’re honoured to have been involved from the inception. No matter what platform or product that the new brand identity will be featured on, we’re really confident that it will help with positioning Zest as exceptionally talented creative pioneers in the theatre industry.