About Us

A creative agency passionate about crafting beautiful and effective communication.

We believe that excellent communication is at the heart of a brand, and that good design shouldn’t just be something that looks good, but something that actually makes people feel. It’s this unique connection that helps us to create purposeful experiences across digital and printed mediums and platforms.

We recognise that if we are able to create amazing, and engaging experiences we can really improve the way that our clients communicate. We understand that our deliverables don’t simply need to function, they also need to look and feel phenomenal.

We are specialists in all things digital, print and marketing. We merge stunning design, current technology and personal relationship to create unique ways to interact.

Our work aims to connect people in new ways. Whether it’s speaking life into a local client’s marketing strategy or crafting a new visual identity for an internationally acclaimed retail company, we strive to create purposeful visual connection for impact.

Founded in 2011 Creative Hope Studio has grown from a graphic design studio serving 2 local clients into a creative agency with a 7-strong team providing solutions for clients on a local, national and international stage.

Who We Are

With our combined skill sets we can provide solutions for projects of any size. Our team is made up of exceedingly talented individuals who work effectively independently and extraordinarily as part of a creative unified team.

  • Thom Law
  • Nikki Tatum
  • Billy Paine
  • Mike Dobbin
  • Katy Hill
  • Becky Speirs

Want to Know more?

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